P3TBuilder v3.0 for OS X 10.4 and up (OS X 10.6 fixed)

The P3TBuilder download has moved to the PS3SA website. It has been fixed to run on 10.6 (Snow Leopard), but cannot test for 10.4 and 10.5. If there are any 10.4 or 10.5 problems please let me know. Extra features include an easy to select background image list. Icons can also be viewed in XMB mode as well as expanded mode which will show all icons on screen at once for quick access to icons.

PS3SA is currently a free PS3 Lifestyle Magazine. You will need to register on the website to download the magazine or P3TBuilder, but the registration is free and quick.

P3TBuilder v2.7 for OS X 10.4 and up

V2.7 (512 KB) is compatible with FW 2.5x icons. I finally got an Intel Mac so the software is debugged and works with an universal build. This means that Intel Macs can run P3TBuilder natively and not rely on Rosetta to transcode PPC to Intel. The speed is still more or less the same as the PPC version. I will look into some of the change requests, but I am currently little busy to implement them. Next feature to be added: Window with Picture List for the background pictures to easilly remove or add background pictures.

You can download the source code (1.1 MB) if you want to make some changes or play around. You must have XCode 3.0 to compile the project. Just open the project file P3TBuilder.xcodeproj.

P3TBuilder v2.6 for OS X 10.4 and up

V2.6 is compatible with FW 2.5x icons. When "new user" icon is loaded from an empty theme it did not save, but it has been fixed.

P3TBuilder v2.5 for OS X 10.4 and up

V2.5 is compatible with FW 2.5x icons. Also a problem in the P3TBuilder V2.4 where 170x128 images did not want to load has been fixed.

P3TBuilder v2.4 for OS X 10.4 and up

V2.4 corrected some spelling mistakes for some icons. Also if your files are not 32-bit PNG an error message will popup to inform you. Thanks to James Verity who told me about the spelling mistakes.

P3TBuilder v2.3 for OS X 10.4 and up

V2.3 is the completed P3TBuilder that supports icons up to PS3 firmware version 2.42 and sounds. It will run on Intel Macs by using Rosetta which is on all Intel Macs. Some minor changes have been done on request of the P3TBuilder community, so read the help (troublshooting) to find out what changed. I would like to thank Ted Huynh for doing some prelim tests on Intel Macs for the earlier versions. Also thanks to Joe Kocsis and Merc S for doing OS X 10.4 tests and suggesting the use of Rosetta (Joe) for Intel Macs since the universal builds do not want to work.

P3TBuilder v2.0 for linux (or any OS)

V2.0 source code(12 KB) for the p3t library supports icons up to PS3 firmware version 2.42 and sounds. Unfortunately I am not a linux programmer therefore I am releasing the p3t library source code. You can read PS3 theme files into a easy to use p3t structure and also write a p3t structure to a PS3 theme file. You can download the source code .

You must download ZLIB library for your OS and use the libz.a file that from ZLIB. Also make sure the libz.h file form ZLIB is in the build path.

VAG sound

P3TBuilder cannot create VAG files which is used in the PS3 themes, therefore you need to use already created VAG files. You can rip VAG files from other themes using P3TBuilder. If you rip content from other themes please only use your theme for your private use and only publish it if you have consent from the ripped theme's creator. If you have a Windows machine you can use Awave Studio to convert just about any audio file to .VAG. When using Awave make sure to resample the files to 44,100KHz, otherwise the sounds will play too fast on the PS3.

Alternatively you can download this (2 MB) bundle. It contains 130 odd VAG files which I created using Awave Studio (thank you Awave). Since you will not be able to preview the VAG files on your MAC you can download this (2.7 MB) bundle and also this (2.7 MB) bundle which contains the wav files with matching filenames so you can preview them. Download both bundles since they contain different files. The vag.zip bundle have been updated and should work. If there are sounds that still play incorrectly on the PS3 email me the filename and I'll test that file and try and find the right sample. NOTE: not all the VAG files have been tested individually.

GIM image

If you want to use the p3t library to write your own theme builder for your specific OS you will need to know a little bit about GIM files.

GIM files is the format of all icons (including preview image) in the PS3 theme. Only the background images are stored as pure JPG. GIM files are actually compressed inside the p3t file, but the p3t library will handle the compression. The p3tGIM structure contains a file_data and file_size field. The file_data consists of a 128-byte header followed by RGBA values for every pixel in the image. Therefore a 64x64 image will have 64*64*4+128 bytes of file_data. Please note that the data rows must be multiples of 4 pixels, therefore if you use an image with a width of 6 pixels you must actually read 8*4 bytes for that row and only interpret the first 6*4 bytes.

The format of the header is not completely known to me, but the width and height are stored as WORD values at offset 72 and 74 in the header. What I found was that all GIM headers which has the same dimensions look exactly alike. Therefore you can actually rip the GIM headers for various dimensions and just append the data to the header to create a GIM file.

I hope this makes sense, if it does not play around and see what you can come up with.

License agreement

You can use all source code and programs as you like. No need to give me regocnition or anything. I just want to thank Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler for writing the ZLIB library which is used for GIM compression. Also I want to thank Anoop Menon for writing p3textractor from where I managed to get some of the p3t file format.

Also thanks to Sony Corporation for making the best console ever.

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