Forum Rules

This is not a forum forum, but a delayed feedback forum (if such a thing exists). You can email me any comments or issues and if they would be worth anything to the rest of the community I will post them here with answers. Any comments about how good or bad something is can also be emailed and I will post the best of both worlds.

You can mail me at

No posts will be made that contains cursing, bad judgement or blatent slander. I will accept a little bit of infighting and outfighting. When you email me anything regarding P3TBuilder you give permission that your email may be used as a whole or parts thereof for this forum. If you are unhappy that I used your email for a post then emial me and tell me (from your original email address) and I will remove that post. I mean this is a democracy my 50% vote against yours and you have right of way :)

Thanks for everyone that reported issues for things I did not think to check and feature requests. I will try and resolve issues as quickly as possible. New feature requests might take awhile for me before it is released.

Joe Kocsis - Icons for add/remove/navigate background image does not show on 10.4

Thx Joe for all the hard work and help with getting P3TBuilder running on Intel. I think the icons for these buttons use 10.5 template icons that is why 10.4 does not show them. I will replace the icons with .PNG files and make a release as soon as possible.

Bencio - I cannot load my icons into a theme, they are jpg files

Sorry my bad, I realize now I never specified that the icon files must be PNG files. All icons, pointer images must be PNG and alll backrgound images mmust be JPG. I will add this to P3TBuilder help also.

Merc S - When I load icons they appear very small and I get errors

Make sure that all PNG icons are at 72 ppi (pixels per inch). If they are at a higher ppi they will render smaller. If you grabbed icons or background images that was prepared for print media they will be 300ppi. Use a descent image editor like GIMP or Photoshop to adjust the image to 72ppi.

Merc S - When I view theme on PS3 some icons appear as TV snow or garbage

If you checked that the images was indeed the correct pixel dimensions (check P3TBuilder help) and 72ppi the problem is probably that the image is not 32-bit. This means the PNG file must have a ALPHA channel and each component R,G,B,A must be 8 bits each. From P3TBuilder 2.4 (still to be released) you will see error messages if the PNG file was not 32-bits. Previous versions will accept the file but display as garbage.

To check that your theme is free from this issue reopen the theme after you saved it. Everything that appears as garbage would have this problem. Fix the PNG files and reimport into the theme.