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Please take note that the official ReBytes website is now http://rebytes.ueuo.com. rebytes.xf-s.com will not be used anymore.


Thank you for joining me. This site will provide you with information on what games I am playing, programs I am developing and some other stuff. You can find me on EU PSN as ReBytes, but I am very rarely on since I don't have broadband internet. I do go on via dialup from time to time to buy games from PSN.

I've been interested in computer programming sice I've played my first computer games (age 12). My mother bought me my first programming book (BASIC) and from then I have been drinking, eating, sleeping, talking, basically living computers (I do not mind if you think I am a geek, cause you would probably be right).

After school I went to University to study computer sciences and then worked for a couple of years on embedded systems. At my last place of work some colleagues and me started UT2K4 lanning. After a good year of fun the team decided to migrate to TFII. So if you live in South Africa and play TFII watch out for _evolv_ ReBytes. Then work got borring and I decided to go back to University and learn some more. Received my B.Sc. Hons (cum laude)

Now it is time to address the issues of South Africa and the first on my list is the fact that there is no local PS3 magazine. PS3SA (tentatively) will hopefully be South Africas first PS3 magazine, and I hope the readers will decide that it is the best PS3 mag available. Tentative launch date is November 20009.

Some other interests are electronics, horse back riding, dancing and some other stuff. Currently a friend and me is fooling around to try and build an 8-bit processor from transistor componennts (I think 18 months now). We do more drinking than working really, but it is great fun. Maybe when there is more concrete evidence that we are actually working on it I will create a section for mlP. I cannot say what mlP stands for now since that would mean that I am breaching contract (not really but it sounds professional to say stuff like that).

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